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This page will provide access to projects being undertaken by Central PA Infragard Members Alliance and links to selected public and private-sector partners.


Water Security/Counter-Terrorism Training Video
In response to requests from around the globe, our Water Security/Counter-Terrorism Training Video (produced in cooperation with the PA State Police) is now available via secure streaming web video (and its original DVD video form) to law enforcement, public utility and other authorized personnel.

The DVD is available in NTSC (North American) video format and English only, at this time.

Please contact Michael Russell at training@infragardpa.com or (814) 883-4066 for additional information.


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Ransomware Series Resources:

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    ooda_looper2-selected.zip = MD5 2a7ffa5a9f1a572994197453b80de4c5 -> Includes multiple referenced pdfs: IEEESymposium-1996.pdf, IEEESymposium1996-Cryptovirology.pdf, ISTR2016_Ransomware_and_Businesses.pdf, Ransomware Prevention and Response for CISOs.pdf, Ransomware-Roadmap-Where-Cybercriminals-Will-Attack-Next.pdf, RescuePlan-TrendMicro.jpg, SIR_Process-201704.pdf, the-evolution-of-ransomware.pdf