About Membership in Central PA InfraGard

Why should you join InfraGard?

If you are a business, government entity, non-profit organization or an economic development group – you can help us protect and safeguard the infrastructure in Central Pennsylvania by joining our local member alliance. IT professionals, environmental managers, public utility officers, medical personnel, department heads, company presidents and owners are just a few examples of those who would benefit from membership.

Central PA InfraGard's Membership is made up of individuals from the following critical infrastructure categories:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Defense
  3. Food
  4. Law Enforcement:
  5. Public Health
  6. Banking & Finance:
  7. Emergency Services:
  8. Government:
  9. National Monuments:
  10. Transportation
  11. Chemicals
  12. Energy:
  13. Information Technology Postal & Shipping
  14. Water
  15. Others

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • Members of InfraGard participate in local chapter activities centered on education.
  • Members have access to an Alert Network to voluntarily report actual or attempted illegal intrusions, disruptions, and vulnerabilities of information systems.
  • Members can access a secure InfraGard Website with recent information about infrastructure protection.
  • Members can call the Help Desk at NIPC to ask questions about the program.
  • Members get frequent, up-to-date email alerts on the latest computer viruses, hoaxes, bomb threats and more.
  • Membership is free!

How to apply for membership:

  • Fill out a membership application at the national InfraGard site: Membership Application
  • You will be notified when your application is processed.

If you have any questions regarding the membership application process please contact Brian Nafziger via email at: membership@infragardpa.com