Central PA InfraGard: Upcoming Events

January 2020 Meeting

Friday, January 24th
9:00 – 12:00 PM EDT

Penn State Harrsiburg Campus
Olmsted Building,Room E209
777 West Harrisburg Pike
Middletown, PA 17057.

Parking is available in the rear of the building and along the side.
Parking costs $1.00 and should be paid with quarters.


Special Guest Presenter:

Nicholas F. Eftimiades
Assistant Teaching Professor
iMPS Homeland Security Program
Penn State Harrisburg
School of Public Affairs

Chinese Economic Espionage: Insider Threats and Operational Methods

Presentation Abstract: American industry is poorly prepared to contend with the insider threat stemming from China 's whole of society approach to economic espionage, theft of intellectual property, technology, and trade secrets.

This briefing presents findings on insider threats, their targets, motivations, and operational tradecraft. Conclusions are drawn from analyzing a data set of 497 cases of Chinese espionage.

China’s intelligence activities targeting the US industry are conducted by a wide range of organizations including state-owned enterprises, private companies, individuals, and some universities, as well as the country’s intelligence services.

The targets of China’s espionage correlate to the priority technologies identified in core government strategies, suggesting a centrally directed but distributed ‘whole of society’ approach to intelligence activity. The level of espionage tradecraft ranges from quite poor to professional, even within organizations; cyber espionage is the exception, showing standardized techniques and practices. The views expressed in this briefing do not reflect Penn State University or the US government.