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April 2021 Events


Friday April 9th, 2021
11:00 AM-2:30 PM
(Online Virtual Event)

As InfraGard celebrates its 25th Anniversary, InfraGard Central Pennsylvania Members' Alliance is proud to present two outstanding presentations for the month of April, 2021. We're excited to share this learning opportunity with the entire family of InfraGard Members' Alliances and guests nationwide for the first time, and are confident your time will be well-invested. Welcome!

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Session One:

11:00 AM -12:00 PM ET

Quantum Computers Pose a Huge Threat to Current Encryption. Get Ready.


Presenter: QuSecure, LLC

It may be too late. Encrypted data needs to remain secure for 10, or even up to 75 years in some cases. If data is stolen today, there is a likely chance quantum computers will have enough power to decrypt that data while is still very valuable.

Quantum computers create significant security and global dominance risks. State sponsored programs will use quantum computers for attacks on encryption. These will be optimized to hack data in transit, in use and at rest. During this webinar we will help enterprise and government leaders understand this looming threat. We will present solutions to make your organization quantum-safe by securing data, ensuring your digital assets remain safe well into the future.

Session Two:

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM ET

2020 Cybersecurity Year in Review for Industrial Control Systems — and What's Ahead

Presenter: Dragos, Inc. Jacob Benjamin, PhD, CISSP

The Dragos Year in Review report is an annual analysis of Industrial Control System (ICS)/Operational Technology (OT) focused cyber threats, vulnerabilities, assessments, and incident response insights. The ICS/OT community has long suffered from a lack of public insights into these types of problem areas to have a meaningful discussion on how to address the issues. It is the Dragos team’s goal to share the observations and lessons learned with the industrial community for data-driven analysis and recommendations.

In 2020, the industrial community performed amazing feats to keep civilization running under extremely challenging circumstances with the global pandemic. Infrastructure providers kept key services and goods available including electric power, manufactured goods, water, oil and gas, mining, chemical, rail, and transport while many faced hardships globally. As a result of these efforts, organizations shifted in how they conducted business to include an increasingly connected industrial environment.

This is a trend that has existed for many years, even while many organizations still believed they had highly segmented or even air-gapped ICS networks. The risk to ICS is not born from an IT and OT convergence, but instead from a convergence of an increasingly ICS-aware and capable threat landscape with the digital transformation and hyperconnectivity of the industrial community. This report captures how some of the community is performing and progressing, and areas of improvement that will be needed to continue to provide safe and reliable operations.

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